Quality care is our top priority

At Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center, we consider all our employees to be caregivers.

When it comes to our patients, quality is our top priority

Patients at Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center expect to receive excellent care and quality services. Our goals and mission are to deliver the best to every patient who walks through our doors to access care and services.

We can assure patients here; please know that all of our caregivers are committed to providing you with clinically excellent and compassionate care. From the Admission desk to the nurses by your side, we are your partners and walking you through together.

We are a patient center at Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center, and you have a team of professionals who are here for you during the term of your stay. In addition to your doctors and nurses, you may also meet caregivers from other departments, all of whom are committed to delivering superior healthcare services to you and your family.

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•  Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
•  Laboratory
•  Case management exact la 

What to expect as a visitor

As a guest or visitor to Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center, we want you to know that your loved one or significant other is being treated and cared for with respect and the highest levels of clinical care and compassion. We understand how hard it feels to witness people we love being sick or injured. It can be a frustrating and helpless feeling. It is our priority if your loved one is admitted here at Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center. They receive excellent care the attention from our highly trained clinical team, nurses, physicians, and the entire clinical supporting staff, who are very experienced in handling complex medical patients well.

We encourage you as a friend or family member to play a vital role in your significant other's life or health. You can provide us with information on the patient's medical history and contemporary lifestyles or behaviors hindering treatment protocol. You can also support morally and with positive reinforcement, which is crucial in restoring patients' lives or health.

We welcome visitors to come and spend time with their loved ones, friend, and family member as much as possible daily. Supportive counseling and other social services are also available to our family members to help with the coping process in their health condition.

At Jestina Kutu-Akoi Memorial Medical Center, we have the expertise, technology, and compassion to elevate treatment for your loved one to the highest level at their time of need and care. 


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Quality is our top priority.
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